About Billings Rainbow Coffeehouse

The mission of the Rainbow Coffee House is to build resilience in LGBTQ+ youth through healthy peer relationships, empowerment, leadership development, education, community outreach, and advocacy.

We meet every Thursday during the calendar school year at Grace United Methodist Church from 5:30pm-7:30pm. High-school aged youth are invited.


Questions parents might ask: Short answers now. Working on the long ones.

Please see Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) for general questions about the Coffeehouse

Are parents allowed to attend?
You can drop off, pick up or stick your head in to see but we don't want parents hanging out in the coffeehouse space for two reasons.

  1. Many students really want a space to ask questions without their parents lingering. 
  2. For the safety of all the students, adults present at the coffeehouse must go through our Safe Boundaries Training and our background check. 

How do I know my child is safe at the coffeehouse?
Safety is one of our guiding principles. We do what we can to create as safe of space as possible. See our Safe Boundaries document for details.

Can my child leave at any time during the coffeehouse?
We operate as a drop-in center. Students can come or leave at any time just like any other public space.

Does it mean my child is Gay (or LGBTQ+) if they attend?
All kinds of students attend and we like it that way. While many certainly identify as LGBTQ+, some may be questioning and many simply want to be supportive of LGBTQ+ friends (allies).

Will you be encouraging my child to become LGBTQ+? Or straight?
Absolutely NOT!

What if I as a parent am concerned about my child's orientation, expression or sexuality?
406 Pride Resource Center recently opened and is located at 310 N. 27th Street in the North/West Corner of Billings First UCC. They partner with 406 Allies, which is a support group and in-person support group for parents, siblings, and allies of LGBTQ+ persons. You can request to join the 406 Allies Facebook page.

406 Allies meets the 2nd and 4th Wednesday evenings each month at the 406 Pride Resource Center in Billings, MT from 7-8:30 pm.

As a parent, I think this LGBT+ stuff is a sin. Is it? And why are churches helping with this?
Some Christians see it as sinful and some do not. Some of our volunteers and partner organizations are Christian and take their faith and bible seriously. They join with a growing number of Christians who do not consider persons sinful because of their LGBT+ orientation. We know not all Christians are of the same mind but do implore those who do understand it as sinful to still act in love, grace and understanding. A number of our volunteers are pastors and would be happy to speak further with you.

Will you be encouraging my child to become a Christian?
No. That is not the purpose of the coffeehouse and our volunteers have been clearly instructed not to engage in evangelism while at the coffeehouse. Many of volunteers are not Christian and everyone is welcome.

Are there ways I can be helpful?
We always need financial support, volunteers, coffee, snacks and other things. Elsewhere on this site is a list of specific needs we currently have.

I'm still very confused or concerned. Where can I go with questions?

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