About Billings Rainbow Coffeehouse

The mission of the Rainbow Coffee House is to build resilience in LGBTQ+ youth through healthy peer relationships, empowerment, leadership development, education, community outreach, and advocacy.

We meet every Thursday during the calendar school year at Grace United Methodist Church from 5:30pm-7:30pm. High-school aged youth are invited.


New Volunteer?
If you are interested in becoming a volunteer please send an email to us stating why you are interested in volunteering and we will get back to you about the full process for applying, training and background checks. rainbowcoffeehouse@gmail.com

Volunteer OR Bring Snacks

We have both individuals and organizations that have decided to join us in making this coffeehouse run. Below you will find information for Volunteers and Organizations.

Volunteer Levels of Involvement:
Leadership Board
  • Attends monthly Leadership Meetings
  • Core decision making body of Rainbow Coffee House
  • Volunteers as chaperones on Thursdays (at least 2 leadership members present every Thurs)
  • Trained and Background Checked
Student Advisory Team (HS Students who advise on programs, snacks, and concerns)
  • Monthly Meeting
  • Open to all HS students who have attending the coffeehouse at least twice.

  • Chaperones RCH youth along with other volunteers and leadership board members
  • Trained and Background Checked
  • Signs up every month to volunteer on Thursdays as schedule allows
  • Assists with coffee house set-up and closing

Host Volunteer (18-23 year old)
  • EXACTLY the same responsibilities as above but due to age do not count toward one of our four designated adult volunteers for safe child policy. Many of college volunteers fall in this category.

Guest Volunteer (Any age)
  • There may be occasions when other volunteers may be invited in on a guest basis. The may be speakers, community members or serving as an additional host. Guest volunteers do not count toward one of our four designated adult volunteers for safe child policy. Guest volunteers must be approved by the leadership board. Repeat guest volunteers will be asked to complete training and a background check.

Please contact Rainbow Coffee House at our email or phone number below if you would like to donate monetarily or become a supporter in another way.

Partner Organizations
  • We are looking for community organizations, business and churches to partner with us.

You can reach us at: rainbowcoffeehouse@gmail.com or 406-318-9747.

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